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Donato Palmieri

Hi, I’m Donato Palmieri and I have 8 years of experience helping companies with their marketing strategies. 

Initially, in my carrier I gain expertise in advertising, devising and executing campaigns and optimizing websites for search results, for various clients.
Over time, I diversified my knowledge base, becoming proficient also in web design.

My aptitude for creating bespoke websites in accordance with client’s needs, in addition to crafting marketing assets that enhance customer outreach, speaks to my versatility.

I excel in helping businesses gain a strong online presence, through effective search engine optimization, platform-specific advertising campaigns, up-to-date email marketing strategies, and retargeting.

My Core Values

My Personal Approach

I adhere to a standardized work approach that entails a roadmap consisting of 15 steps.

This roadmap enables me at first, to collaborate with my clients to determine the current stage of their activity, and subsequently define, with no obligation a tailored strategy and the best channels to use, that align with their company’s goals, needs, and vision.

Only then we can discuss if and how my services may help your activity, and eventually start a collaboration.

Of course, every client’s needs are unique, so my approach may vary based on individual circumstances.
I strongly believe flexibility and adaptability are key qualities for a successful digital marketing consultant.


Discover more about my 15 steps 

My Education

My Experience

In my professional experience, I have had the opportunity to work on challenging projects in international environments, consistently honing my skills and knowledge in marketing, specifically, digital marketing.

Collaborating with numerous international partners has enabled me to establish a network of accomplished professionals who support me daily.

Aside from marketing, I have pursued my passion for philosophy and music, being a multi-instrumentalist musician.

Currently, I am pursuing a program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the university.

I kindly suggest you to consider the following links for additional information:

– My Extensive Curriculum
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– My LinkedIn page

For your convenience, please find here my updated CV for your perusal.

Donato Palmieri

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